Laspina Tool & Die is here to find cost effective solutions for your machining needs. Whether it be purchase order contracts “release parts as needed”, Blanket order releases or keeping inventory on the shelf. Any special requests that you may have Laspina is here to help whatever they may be, Machining, Outside processing, Inventory requirements, Special packaging or rush orders.

Stringent inspection for cosmetic, Key characteristics and dimensional accuracy is something Laspina Tool & Die takes very seriously for our customers. Our floor supervisors follow your guidelines throughout the production process to insure your parts are as ordered with shop process sheets/routers. We also use floor FAI and WIP inspection sheets that must be completed throughout the production run. After your parts come off the production floor our Inspection department follows up with a final inspection with documented FAI sheets (If required) and standard AQL sample inspection documents to insure your parts are made as ordered. We also receive and document all incoming material with lot/heat numbers and include certifications for material and any outside processing you might require. We keep our hard copies on file for future customer reference and if requested, we will electronically scan them into our customer computer files.

Please feel free to contact Laspina Tool & Die to find a solution for all your machining needs.